Social Media Marketing

Reach out to the affluent

Social Media let your business to connect in the online discussion about your brand. When customers blog, tweet or mention about your business, you immediately know what they are saying and can talk back to those customers.

Social media also helps you to create new buzz about your business and your brand, enhance brand awareness, and reach new customers. Website Designers SEO Paris Internet Marketing's Social Media Campaigns can help you stay on top of the online buzz about your business.

With the flash of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace internet becomes more interactive. And a major source of referral traffic to your sites. The new trend many companies started using social media to define company image, brand and knowledge across these channels.

The main aim of Social Media Marketing is to create awareness or an online buzz about a brand or a company which transforms into leads or potential customers. A good social media campaign in the B2B space can increase the credibility of the company and increase their online presence.

A Social media effort lives by sharing, listening, and engaging the web space with good, strong contents and updates at regular interval. Social media is used to drive unique organic traffic to websites using social media sites.

A complete Social media campaign includes: Increasing website traffic, Reputation management, Brand management, link building, Product promotion, etc.

We provide professional and stable social media management services to online businesses and corporate brand. Website Designers SEO Paris facilitates custom Twitter profile pages and other personal customization of your social media pages. We setup strong tacking and measurement system to report on traffic details and website statistics generated via these social media.


Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Ad Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Promotion
  • Reputation Building
  • Measurement & Tracking

Search Engine Optimization

Research, on and off the industry for the right mix of ingredients to add the right flavour to the business bought our clients to the top. Check out your SEO & Internet Marketing options with us!

Email Marketing –Easy way to reach your customers

Many companies prefer Email Marketing. Newsletters can help to focus for more right visitors to your website as well as converts them into loyal customers.

We enable easy email marketing campaign that best fit client’s business reach and marketing level.


Email Marketing Benefits:

  • Reduced Marketing Cost
  • Higher Response Rates & ROI
  • Valuable Feedback from your Visitors
  • Increased Sales Conversions & Customer Loyalty….

Email Marketing

  • Cost Effective Way to Reach your Target
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Higher Response Rates & ROI
  • Increased Sales Conversions & Customer Loyalty
  • Valuable Feedback from Visitors

Tracking and Measurement - Guaranteed Continuous Improvement

Half the money you spend on advertising or SEO may be lost if you don't measure the campaign

Tracking and measuring all the website traffic for improved results We employ strong web analytics tracking system to track and measure every time you spend online. We have devised sophisticated measurement systems to help track your company’s online exposure.

Website Designers SEO Paris is prominent for its systematic monthly reporting of your SEO success rate and ROI. With this robust tracking method we are able to revise up SEO strategies that best suits your site’s success online.

Our measurement support services include website analytics such as google, urchin and yahoo analytics and website conversion like Google Website Optimizer.


Tracking and Measurement

  • Strong Web Analytics Tracking System
  • Track and Measure Every Time
  • Google Website Optimizer Testing
  • Systematic Monthly Reporting of your SEO Success Rate and ROI
  • Revising SEO Strategies Based on Stats

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